Hadco delivers
aluminium, titanium,
stainless steel and more


Company`s portfolio
includes sheets and plates...

... rods, bars, tubes and pipes

Hadco supplies 
cut to size bars, tubes 
and other extruded shapes 

Hadco supplies
cut to size blocks

Hadco delivers
steel of various
commercial grades

Hadco provides
extra services, like
milling, waterjet, CNC

Hadco Metals Korea was established in 2011 to supply aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, titanium and specialty metals in both commercial and aircraft grades. We operate as a one-stop shop on a just-in-time basis locally within Korea and internationally within Asian region and beyond. We supply a wide range of items in various shapes like plate, sheet, wire, rod, bar, tube, pipe and custom shapes from our own inventory and via affiliates throughout the world. Our precision cutting equipment enables industrial, aerospace and commercial customers to get the exact shapes and sizes they require . . . on time, every time.


Hadco Metals stocks, cuts and distributes metal products
Hadco Metals stocks, cuts and distributes metal products

Our USA HQ has branches in:

New York
And more
USA HQ operation
USA HQ operation

We cooperate with both metal stocking companies and metal manufacturers worldwide to provide our customers with true one-stop shop experience

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